Retirement Living Community, Brunswick, Maine
Thornton Oaks Retirement Community

Thornton Oaks Residents Speak

Betsy and Stuart Muench

Betsy and Stuart Muench are second generation Thornton Oaks residents. “My father was one of the first homeowners,” says Betsy. “My aunt and uncle were residents too. They were all very happy and well cared for. So when the mowing, raking and shoveling got too much for us in our former home, it was an easy choice.

“We moved to Brunswick from Lexington, Massachusetts. This area offers the cultural life we enjoyed in greater Boston on a smaller, more accessible scale. And Boston is an easy commute. My husband goes down once a week for business. The bus from Portland is very convenient.

“We love the ready access to the outdoors and the fact that we can walk or bicycle to the grocery store and appointments. We’re hikers. So the walking trail and adjacent trail system are wonderful perks.

“As an accountant, I’ve been impressed by the care with which the finances of the organization are managed. The Thornton Oaks Homeowners Association has a fully funded replacement reserve and no debt. Everything is maintained on schedule, so residents don’t have to worry about repairs or getting hit with an assessment down the road. The other thing that impresses me is that upon the sale of the unit, owners or the owners’ estate receive 92% of the market value. That’s different from what I’ve heard about other retirement communities, which refund only a percentage of the initial cost.”

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