Retirement Living Community, Brunswick, Maine
Thornton Oaks Retirement Community

Thornton Oaks Residents Speak

Conny Barker

A Brunswick resident for years, Conny Barker lives for the summer, when she returns to her beloved Orr’s Island cottage. She is an active member of the Orr's-Bailey Yacht Club and was co-founder of the club’s Abbot Fletcher Sailing School. She held the position of commodore in 2006, initiating the groundwork toward the construction of the new clubhouse. When it was time to sell her house, she chose Thornton Oaks for its proximity to the island and she discovered a community far richer than she expected.

“The cultural opportunities are so abundant here. It’s a wonderful complement to island living,” says Conny. Since her move to Thornton Oaks, she has joined one of the community’s book clubs and discovered square dancing. She has recently completed a hospice volunteer course with fellow Thornton Oaks resident, Eileen Kleinkopf. “The hospice program was so helpful to my husband and me at the end of his life, I want to give something back.”

When Conny’s husband, Ted, passed away her children urged her not to rush into the move to Thornton Oaks. But it had all been carefully planned. “It was one of the final plans we made together and I was determined to carry it through. He knew that I would be safe and well cared for here. Now my children are seeing the struggles some of their friends are having with aging parents and they thank me.”

Conny and her family also like the fact that residents of Thornton Oaks share ownership of the community. “It’s a solid investment, with the potential for financial appreciation.”

She notes the culinary quality too, with approval. “I was afraid that living alone, I wouldn’t bother to cook for myself. Living here, for at least one meal a day, I don’t have to. The food is delicious.”

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