Retirement Living Community, Brunswick, Maine
Thornton Oaks Retirement Community

Best Friends Welcome

“We wouldn’t think of living anywhere that wouldn’t welcome our dog,” says Deanna Baxter, speaking for the pet owners at Thornton Oaks. Even those who no longer keep pets enjoy interacting with the four-footed residents. “Our Scotty, Bailey, is very popular,” says Jim Baxter. “Neighbors have offered to watch him for us if we ever need a sitter. They really enjoy seeing him.”

Liz Stenberg’s husband lives at The Garden, a facility for those with Alzheimer’s and memory impairment, adjacent Thornton Oaks. Liz often brings her German shepherd-husky mix, Sweet Girl, to visit. “All the residents there love her,” she says. Reflecting on the days when her husband had just moved into The Garden, Liz says, “I don’t know what I would have done without my dog. With Sweet Girl, I’m never without company.”

Lincoln and Jane Colby were walking their dogs on the wooded trails that traverse Thornton Oaks years before they lived here—before anyone did. They’ve found the woods unchanged—still filled with wildflowers and birds in spring and summer. “It’s a beautiful setting, and ideal for having a dog,” says Lincoln. “It’s a comfort to grow old with a dog,” says Jane. “We have more time now to actually enjoy ours.”

“And walking the dogs is a great way to make friends,” adds Lincoln.

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